Slow AI

May 2: The culture of speed in late capitalism forces us to “hurry up” for the sake of efficiency and productivity, poke and prodded by automated AI systems. What if we slowed down at work and in life by slowing down our AI? Slow AI and The Culture of Speed

Montreal AI Ethics Institute & Sociology of AI

Were you wondering why I’ve been so quiet in the New Year? I thought so. I’ve teamed up with Abhishek Gupta from the Montreal AI Ethics Institute (MAIEI) and Nga Than, sociology doctoral candidate at CUNY, to produce a weekly blog column on the Sociology of AI. Each week we tackle a sociology paper orContinue reading “Montreal AI Ethics Institute & Sociology of AI”

Europe: a Leader in AI Regulation?

In the past couple of months, EU institutions have taken some preliminary steps to propose a new framework for AI regulation. The idea is to promote innovative AI technologies by creating consumer and societal trust in AI while at the same time preventing potential consumer harms and risks to fundamental human rights. While American leadershipContinue reading “Europe: a Leader in AI Regulation?”